Don’t get fooled into thinking that website marketing requires some new fangled approach that it best suited to a Harry Potter plot.

Apart from some new disciplines as SEO and PPC, website marketing is not that much different from say marketing decades ago.

The same principles apply to a website, as to say creating a product brochure. It all comes down to marketing a product, or a service, to an audience of customers. In this, it’s not rocket science, but common sense, and all too often, webmasters and website owners forget this.

So, the same marketing principles that held good years ago remain viable today.

Firstly, understood your potential customer. Market research is vital if you are to sell profitably and consistently. Why someone buys goods, or services from you, shouldn’t be a surprise (albeit a pleasant one)! Understanding your audience is crucial for success.

Secondly, make the offering clear and unambiguous. In today’s lightening fast world of ecommerce, customers can have moved onto a competitor’s website within nano seconds. So don’t give a potential customer the excuse to give up on you and move away. That’s not to say that no customer will move on – comparison is the name of the game and no matter how well you construct your point of sale window, you’ll still find people finding a different place to buy.

Thirdly, be honest, available and upfront. Don’t think anonymity is clever, or that playing smoke and mirror games with the prices, or terms and conditions, is going to impress anyone. Give people a simple message and make it obvious to everyone just what the deal is.

So, remember, website marketing comes down to common sense, not rocket science.