When you are paying out for any type of advertising you want to see results. Checking the ROI for PPC campaigns ensures you get the maximum benefits with the minimum cost as no funds or time is wasted.

Simply put the ROI for PPC campaigns is the Return on Investment; basically what you received or are receiving back from a marketing campaign that your business is paying out for. It makes good business sense to monitor PPC (pay per click) results regularly to ensure that money is well spent and that any changes required are made swiftly.

Assuming a pay per click is properly set up with appropriate key words and similar data it has the potential to be a highly efficient way to target an audience and meet business goals. As with all forms of advertising however things do change in the digital world very quickly therefore keeping on top of changes is paramount.

This type of advertising offers an easy and targeted way to direct traffic to your website which in turn should, if the website is set up properly, increase successful lead conversation i.e. more sales. Where these ads are shown, what time, how frequently and to which people determines how successful they will be. Keywords change popularity very quickly and monitoring your ROI shows just how effective current keywords are in terms of locating and encouraging profitable click-throughs.

Ads may need to be changed to focus on current events, new products, services or developments pertaining to the business and of course altered if they are simply not hitting the mark as expected. While there is a lot of science and expertise required when putting together a goal-orientated pay per click campaign there is also an element of the unknown as regardless of how targeted an ad is, your PPC agency cannot physically make someone click and visit your website. Changing an ad placement, keyword or the time of showing could however make it more visible and therefore clickable.

To ensure that all bases are indeed covered keeping a daily check on the ROI of a campaign will monitor effectiveness and so determine if changes to the ad need to be made while also providing data that the business owner and PPC agency may look at to decide on future directions and whether a larger budget might be advantageous.

There are a number of online tools which assess key metric in terms of what the ROI for a campaign is which are used by PPC agencies and business owners alike. Google Adwords is a key piece of programming which helps to set up and monitor the effectiveness of a PPC campaign and in turn the ROI for the business owner.

If you bought a property or a classic car as an investment you would keep an eye on whether your investment was paying off, how quickly and would base additional financial decision on this, especially in terms of future investments. Investing in a pay per click campaign for your business works the same way and therefore monitoring the ROI here too is a necessary task.

Written by Cayenne Red, digital marketing agency. Cayenne Red specialise in PPC, SEO, Web Design and Development, Affiliate Management & Social Marketing.