With Facebook seemingly breaking new heights every day, you’d be a brave person to bet against their continuing to be the major social media platform for the next decade at least.

But don’t discount Twitter from being up there with them. Twitter has one great advantage over Facebook: it’s simplicity.

A Tweet might seem constricting at just 140 characters, or less, but it has added a text like discipline to many who like to communicate about themselves, or events, in small chunks.

And it’s this simplicity, that is setting Twitter apart from many of the other social media platforms.

Sending a Tweet is a simple process. Indeed, it is far less complicated than building and maintaining a Facebook presence, or creating and running a LinkedIn profile.

And it is spontaneous. Writing and sending a Tweet can be achieved in a matter of second. It has become the way of imparting news, facts, gossip, or anything else that might need sending around the world in milli seconds. And it worries Governments (look how it has helped with risings throughout the world as populations shake off old regimes) and employees alike. It was rumoured that as one venerable old newspaper suddenly closed its doors the other day after being battered by phone hacking revelations, the company Twitter accounts were closed down at the same time to avoid news leaking out to the outside world.

The irony of a newspaper which would uphold the right to free speech at any cost, closing down the most modern form of communication, will not be lost on many.