Using Copywriters to Ensure Google Friendly Content

The Google Penguin update released a few months ago was the final nail in the coffin for those who were still trying to manipulate the SERPs via keyword stuffing, multiple (perhaps not wisely chosen) back links and poor quality content that was fine provided it contained enough words. It is unlikely that your SEO consultancy will have recommended these methods to you recently as the digital world has moved on from this type of marketing in recent years. It is however a common practice and one that is outdated.

The way forward in terms of increasing visibility and ensuring that the content you upload to your website, blog or associated online social media accounts is not only SEO optimised, but also readable and interesting to readers is to hire a copywriter to write your content for you.

It is recommended that you don’t take a chance with your content. There is a fine art to creating copy which conveys a message yet ticks all of the boxes that are important for your SEO campaign. Employing a copywriter will enable you to ensure that the keyword density is correct, that the work flows and that you receive an altogether top quality piece which visitors will want to stop and read.

Working with a copywriter is easier than it sounds. Your SEO consultant will be able to recommend a few that they have worked with in the past when putting together websites for clients and similar work. The beauty of employing a copywriter is that not only do they keep up to date with Google updates in terms of what you should and should not do when looking to increase visibility; they also work closely with a brand in order to convey a consistent message and tone which compliments the business.

There is a lot more to producing online content nowadays than there has been previously because all SEO consultants will be advising their clients to try and go one further in terms of creating a more varied array of content types. For example, using videos such as content from YouTube, audio, info graphs and pictures / photos to push the impact of the content in terms of both interest and how easy it is to “share”. This is an essential part of creating top content for your website however the basis for any website or social media account is the written content; which needs to be strong in order for these additional types to bear fruit.

If you want your business to boast top quality content that keeps your UK SEO consultants happy in terms of following Google’s rules, regulations and recommendations and additionally engage website visitors in order to convert them to customers, then employing a copywriter really is the best solution all round.

Attribute to: Duncan Cumming

Duncan has been writing for over 5 years. His sales and marketing background has helped him write informative articles in areas including digital marketing agency; specifically, PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Management Services.